Time and Balance

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus, more than two thousand years ago said that nothing is constant except for change. Change is defining us in every moment of our existence both as individuals and society.

But what are we doing in order to keep up with these changes, with the increased rhythm of work?
How can we make sure that we create enough space for relaxation and balance in our lives?


In order to answer to these questions we have structured Time Frames, a time management training program with three steps:

Organizing the work space, Evaluating the current working style, Starting a process for recording the information
Setting objectives, Prioritizing, Planning
Focus and balance, Minimizing the wasted time , Limiting procrastination


It all starts from reflection! This helps in creating a complete image about how someone is spending the time and helps afterwards in analysing in which directions we choose to invest our time, which are the most productive hours of the day, what is waste, what is routine. In order to create conscious progress we integrate tools and techniques for enhanced behavioural chance.