Team Coaching


The teams are the cells of the organization and so they need to release the positive energy that enables progress and balance. For a team to perform, the individuals need to address the hidden and surface issues that are blocking synergic interactions.



Executive Team Development is a team coaching program for 3 to 12 months that targets real time redesigning of the essential processes leading to a more powerful and dynamic executive team.


Over 60% of the managers are spending between 20 to 80 percent of their working time in group meetings.


Unique Feature

  • combining evaluation criteria and family therapy processes

Measurable Objectives

  • the participants will identify 3 limiting behaviors that are impeding a boost in the overall performance of their team and will identify practical solutions
  • the participants will clarify the 4 roles that each of them should play for unleashing the group potential
  • the organization will reshape as a result of gaining 20% better quality time during the team conversations as a result of a healthy and participative work