Managerial Coaching Conversations


In such turbulent times managers are challenged to increase the level of autonomy for each individual contributing to the growth and vision of the organization. At a greater level the program is addressing developing global leadership capabilities.



A development program that aims at instructing and guiding managers on how to lead constructive conversations with their colleagues and how to create and implement a coaching culture based on responsibility.


Unique Features

  • revealing the hidden meanings in interpersonal interactions
  • integrating training, coaching and intervision
  • working with the Four Nested Levels of Managerial Responsibility

Measurable Objectives

  • the participants will identify 1 limiting pattern in leading people and develop their self awareness
  • the participants will acquire 3 to 5 different techniques for increasing autonomy and responsibility levels
  • the organization will experience a Dynamic Approach to integrating performance appraisal and yearly individual targets for minimum 60% of the participants